incontecs has specialized as a consulting firm in current topics for the digital transformation and the sustainable development of companies and organizations. In addition to traditional business consulting, we offer a wide range of tailor-made, individual services. Our consulting mandates include more than 30 years of knowledge, experience and networks of the company founders and managing directors. We advise our customers competently and personally and we work together in a trusting and committed manner as a team. Quality, reliability and humanity are our maxims.

“It takes a great man to be a good listener.”

Calvin Coolidge

Strategy Consulting

Digital transformation and sustainable development must be reflected in the strategy for value-based management. Also technologies, innovations, global trends and international markets must be considered. How can business models and business processes be designed to ensure successful business development in the future?

Business Models

Let us assist you in developing new ideas for innovative business models with creativity techniques. Benefit from the experience of other industries and the knowledge of current trends.

Business Processes

Use innovative technologies for business process management to optimally shape your business processes through the use of information technology. Make use of the know-how from a variety of projects.

Business Development

Benefit from good networks in various sectors and countries as well as in research, associations and politics to discover new business areas and foreign markets and to use them for your business development.

Technology Consulting

Technologies are becoming more and more complex and are evolving rapidly. They are the basis for innovative business models. What are the developments in the technology fields, which digital technologies are relevant for corporate development and what has to be considered in the software architecture and for mobile applications?

Digital Technologies

Let us help you to find and use the digital technologies that are relevant to your business development. Benefit from practice-oriented, international know-how in technology management.

Software Architecture

With a well-structured, state-of-the-art software architecture, you can keep the performance and costs of your IT systems under control. Make use of complex knowledge from a variety of IT projects.

Mobile Applications

In addition to the PC, smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly important as mobile devices in IT applications, even in companies. Use the experience from numerous IT projects for an optimal workflow.

Innovation Consulting

Innovation is the basis for future success. It often results from interdisciplinary approaches, visionary thinking and the influence of megatrends. How can digital innovations be developed, what can research cooperations and international innovation networks contribute and how can the success factors of the startup scene be used for business success?

Digital Innovations

Let us help you to find and use the digital innovations that are relevant to your business development. Benefit from practice-oriented, international know-how in innovation management.

Research Cooperations

Good cooperation with universities and research institutions can help to be informed about current developments at an early stage. Find suitable partners through good contacts to international science.

Innovation Networks

In addition to universities, think tanks, foundations, associations, ministries and startups also deal with current topics in various projects. Take advantage of this potential through good contacts to international innovation networks.

Management Consulting

The strategic, operational and international management of companies requires extensive knowledge and years of experience to be successful in business. How can external know-how be used for this and how can external experts be linked to the company in the long term through project management, interim management or as a member of the advisory board?

Project Management

Let us help you to complete your projects successfully in terms of time, costs and quality. Benefit from diverse experiences and international know-how in project management.

Interim Management

Use the know-how of internationally experienced managers and consultants for a limited period of time and for a specific task in operative management for your business success through interim management.

Advisory Board

Benefit from the wide range of knowledge and international networks of experienced managers and consultants in the Advisory Board for strategic management and sustainable corporate development.

Studies and Evaluations

Digital transformation, sustainable development, new technologies, innovative business models, global megatrends, new markets in emerging and developing countries, and modern forms of work are just a few of the current topics facing companies today. How can studies and evaluations help to keep track?

Technology Reports

For the benefit of companies, motivate associations, think tanks or political institutions to bring many years of practical knowledge and scientific expertise into studies and reports on current topics and technologies.

Market Analysis

For successful international business, motivate associations, think tanks or political institutions to use our networks and many years of international experience to obtain good market analysis.


Benefit from our extensive knowledge of current topics and technologies as well as many years of experience in various industries and countries in order to have expert evaluations for your projects.

Lectures and Moderation

Strategy meetings, events and international conferences of companies, trade associations and political organizations serve to communicate and discuss current topics. A high quality of lectures and an expert moderation will ensure satisfied participants. Who can be recommended as a speaker for which current topics?

Strategy Meetings

At internal management or strategy meetings, be inspired by internationally experienced speakers and moderators by giving a lecture or an expert discussion on topics that are relevant to you.

Business Events

At external or corporate events, use a wide range of knowledge and experience from various industries and countries for exciting lectures and entertaining presentations.


As an organizer of conferences, benefit from speakers and moderators with up-to-date technology and innovation expertise and many years of experience in numerous international conferences.

Trainings and Workshops

Knowledge management in the company and ongoing training of management and employees on current topics is indispensable for long-term business success. Which training courses and workshops bring knowledge about digital transformation, new technologies, innovative business models, sustainable development, future markets and other current topics?

Digital Transformation

Get an overview of digitalization and its implications, key digital technologies, and the latest developments in the technology fields to be prepared for digital transformation.

Green Economy

Get insight into the global economic sectors of the green economy and the markets for environmental technologies to succeed with innovative business models, products and services in the emerging markets.

Lean Startup

Get to know the Lean Startup method for the iterative search for functioning business models and get an overview of current topics and developments from the innovative startup scene.

Design Thinking

Use Design Thinking to develop new ideas and solve problems, and apply the Design Thinking process to a specific task together with experienced experts.

Business Model Development

Get to know the creativity techniques for designing business models and, together with experienced experts, develop concrete new business ideas through the use of Business Model Canvas.

Value Proposition Design

Use Value Maps and Customer Profiles to create, together with experienced experts, concrete new products and services for your customers using Value Proposition Canvas.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

For successful business development, use corporate venturing and strategic innovation management to promote innovative thinking, agile behavior and entrepreneurial actions among your employees.

Technology Management

Get a compact introduction to technology management in theory and practice, and learn how to implement structures and processes to drive innovative technologies using concrete examples.

International Business

Get to know the organizations, structures and funding instruments of foreign trade, and benefit from international experience and networks for successful foreign business in future markets.